About us


An independent, international specialty pharmaceutical company, Provepharm leverages the potential of mature and well-known molecules to develop innovative treatments that improve patients' lives. Provepharm designs, develops, manufactures, and markets a range of hospital products such as antidotes and other critical care products. Notably, the company is recognized for its expertise in the endoscopic and surgical dye markets. Working closely with healthcare professionals, Provepharm is committed to developing specific services aimed at helping them enhance clinical practices. Operating primarily in France and in the US and UK, the company also markets its products in over 25 countries worldwide. Provepharm employs more than 160 staff and devotes between 20% and 25% of its sales to R&D.
Provepharm strives every day to have a positive and significant social, societal, and environmental impact in the performance of its activities: that’s its raison d’être.

About Provepharm UK

Provepharm’ s products have been available in the UK for several years, and in 2023 Provepharm launched its own operations to directly serve the UK.

Vous allez quitter le site institutionnel de Provepharm. Si vous continuez, vous accèderez au site web de notre filiale américaine dont les informations ne s'appliquent pas nécessairement en France.